Yoga on the Beach

We offer daily Yoga classes on the beach directly in front of our dive school. Our certified Yoga Instructor is looking forward to welcoming you to her 60 minute morning and sunset sessions. For morning classes please sign up the day before. For sunset classes walk in customers are welcome. Please come to the dive school before 5 pm if you would like to join. 


Every day at 7.30 am and 5.15 pm. 

400 Baht for one class - 1600 Baht for 5 classes.

Children are welcome - 200 THB per class.

We also offer dive / yoga packages. Please contact us for more details. 

Yoga at Fantasy Resort

How Divers Benefit from Yoga 

Diving and Yoga have a lot more in common than you might think. In fact, both activities emphasize skills that perfectly compliment each other. 
The sensation of diving can create a deep sense of relaxation that is much more difficult to achieve on land. The underwater world provides the perfect place to calm your mind and truly focus on the present moment.

Practicing Yoga regularly can help you to enhance this relaxed state of mind and become a better diver.  

The number one rule in scuba diving is ‘never hold your breath’. In Yoga breathing is also a key factor. Continuous and steady breathing is a skill that every yogi and scuba diver needs to master. Yoga promotes deep, slow breathing and teaches you how to calm your mind. This technique encourages the body to use the full capacity of the lungs and absorb and use oxygen more efficiently. By working on your breathing methods with Yoga, your air consumption during dives will be better and therefore you will start to notice that your dives last longer.

The impulse to breathe is triggered by the build-up of carbon dioxide rather than the desire for oxygen. If you do not exhale fully, the carbon dioxide can build up in your body. This triggers irregular and shallow breathing which can lead to increased anxiety and panic underwater. So by exhaling fully you will ensure that you decrease the carbon dioxide levels in your body and therefore keep your breathing steady which helps you to feel calm and relaxed under water.

Diving can be a little stressful in the beginning considering the heavy gear we use, the new sensation of neutral buoyancy and descending into a totally unfamiliar world. Even experienced divers can become anxious, particularly in a new environment or under challenging conditions. Yoga teaches you how to remain calm and refocus your mind, helping you to deal with challenging and stressful situations more effectively.

From carrying heavy equipment to climbing back up on to the boat or even just swimming at the surface to the entry point, diving can be physically demanding. Yoga is not just about calming the mind, it is also about strengthening the body.
The physical postures practiced in Yoga strengthen and stretch muscles that are important in diving. This reduces the risk of injuries and helps prevent overexertion, which can make you feel out of breath and increase anxiety during dives.

See for yourself! Start practicing yoga with us on the beach and improve your diving experience.